Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog #10

Since I had the same instructor for both of my English classes, I already had done most of the assignments given in this class. TS/CD was not new to me. When I would write my papers, this method would come naturally to me. When it comes down to the transitions, I did not use this when writing my papers. It is easy but TS/CD comes normal to me now. I try not to use “you” or “one” on my papers anymore. I try using active verbs to make my writing better. Even though I had the same instructor last semester, I did end up learning one thing.
I learned how to write in APA format. I followed the OWL Purdue format of how to write an APA paper. It includes four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. It was time consuming but doable. In my papers I will definitely use the TS/CD method when writing. I will try to use the transition method, but for now I feel more comfortable with the other method. Plus, I will go to the OWL Purdue website if I need help with citing a paper. I will use as well to get help with my work cited page.
I think my research paper tells what kind of writer I am. It has my thoughts and opinions about my topic. I felt strong about this topic because I lived it and my family is still living it. I tried to give the reader a visual about my neighborhood and my family. I like the readers to know how rough I had it growing up. All those experiences have mold me to the person I am today. I believed I still got a long way to go so I can develop to a better writer. I want to be able to write a paper with better vocabulary. When I do that, I will consider myself a BETTER writer.

Blog #8

Well this paper was not goin that well. I did not know where to start. I thought of various ways to put my introduction but it would not work out for me. I guess I was stressing that it had to be done rite away. After taking a day for break I felt relaxed and ready to try doing my paper again. Some how it all came together. My introduction was a story about my experiences and how I was brought up.

The paper was coming together. The difficult part was that I was in Mexico and I did not have a computer with me all the time. I had to sometimes wait a week to get access to one but of course it would cost me some money to use one. On that note it was also good because I would get a break to re-think some of my organization of my paper. It would give me time to come up with thoughts on what to use on my paper.

I think it was also difficult to find sources for my paper. I knew exactly what I wanted to say on my paper but did not have enough sources to back up my thoughts. It helped that I was suppose to write about this topic on some other English class and I had sources from that. That really helped me because it helped my paper come together at the end.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog #7

When I think of the word humor, I think of my two year old son. At his age, he does the funniest things we can imagine. Well not to forget he repeats everything he hears. Usually if he does something in front of people I will laugh out loud. If it is something that he should not be doing but I am the only one that sees him then I will laugh silently. As far as the cocaine article goes, I thought it was ridiculous and very dumb on part of the dealer calling 911. He panicked and did not think straight.
When I think of the word style, I actually think of Lady Gaga. This is because she has a very unique style when it comes down to her clothes. It is out of the box and most people seem to enjoy her music even though her clothing is not the best. This is what we as writers should try to aim for. We need to have a unique style of writing and concentrate on making readers enjoy what we write.
I try to create a picture in my readers head. I try to go back to my childhood and teen years and show the readers how it was growing up. In my introductions, I try to tell a little story so my readers know why I am writing about a certain topic. In my conclusions, I try to reinforce my overall major point of my paper. So far I have been successful as a writer.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog #6

When the class was first assigned the critical analysis, I thought that doing an analysis on a chick flick was not going to be exciting at all. As I was writing my paper, surprisingly I enjoyed it. Yes it was a little difficult to get it started but I liked my final draft. One thing I noticed on my paper was that I used TS/CD on every body paragraph. Honestly, I did not realize that my writing came out like that. It seemed natural when I began writing. I do wish that I would have more time to write my paper. It seemed rushed but I was happy with the organization of my paragraphs.

If I could change my paper I think I would change my conclusion. I thought my conclusion was rushed and I admit I sort of had a brain fart when I was writing it. My introductions in general I think they are fine. With this introduction I was okay with. If I had more time to write the paper, I would have spent more time on my introduction. I like writing my intros because that is when I know exactly I am going to write on the paper. Overall I was pleased with my paper. I would have rather do my analysis on another movie. Even thought I would have not picked this movie to do an analysis on, I enjoyed it watching it as well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Research Paper Free Write

I was born and raised in Chicago. I have five siblings and twelve nieces and nephews. Living in Chicago was not easy because there is a lot of gang violence there. In high school, there seemed to be an epidemic of teen pregnancy. My school was not the best but not the worst either. I was the only one of my family that graduated with honors from high school. I am the only one that has continued with my education. It was rough growing up in Chicago, because everybody expected me to be like everyone else. Dropouts, gangs, and teen pregnancy ruled my neighborhood.
In high school, I use to play volleyball and softball. During my freshman year, I was on the chess team. I traveled to Peoria for chess tournaments and won various awards in those events. In the spring time, I am trying to join a softball team so I can keep busy. I love sports in general. During the football season, I watch different football teams go at it. I hardly see any television shows, because I am either busy with work or homework. I do not watch the news because around that time I am most likely sleeping.
I have an almost three year old, so most of my time is spent with him. I am a twenty four hour case manager. I will be getting married in November of this year down in Mexico. I have a lot on my plate right now. I do not believe that I will have any more children, but I would like to adopt a little one when I do not have so much on my plate.

Blog #3

The only thing I found hard about writing this essay was that it was a partnered essay. Well my partner’s schedule and my own agenda conflicted a lot of the time. The only thing I would do different would be that I would like it to write it on my own and not with a partner. I just found it very difficult to write an essay when both of us are totally different writers. My partners and my style of writing were very different, so I was not use to somebody else invading my paper.
I found that my partner’s and my opinions were different and sometimes crashed with one another. I found that I was a better writer when I work alone than in a group. Do not get me wrong I like working in groups, but when it came down to writing a paper it does not work. Our ideas conflicted too much and it was not the paper I was looking for.
I prefer writing on my own because I know it will be my thoughts and opinions on my paper. I do not have to consult anybody or have an agreement with them. I state what is on my mind and write down whatever without anybody’s approval. If it was a different project and if there was more time, I think our paper would have been better.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog #2

If I could improve one thing when writing an essay, it would definitely be my grammar usage. I want my papers sounding a little more sophisticated and by using harder words it would help me develop my grammar. A strength that I have would be that I try creating a picture in the readers head. I try giving examples and details to go along with my writing. Plus I need more help in my transitions. Often I get lost in the writing that I forget how to transition to another paragraph or idea.

What I found hard about the diagnostic essay done in class was that I could not think of how to do my thesis. I could not find the words to put it together. I knew what I wanted to say but had a brain fart. My train of thoughts was frozen because the subject was not to my interested. If I had to do something different when writing my essay, I would definitely do prewriting so I could brainstorm some ideas of how to format my paper. I would keep my position of my argument the same in the favor of adding a computer class to the general requirements. This is because it would be beneficial. I would also keep my introduction and my supporting details the same because there are my strong points in my essay.

I really do not enjoy writing because I do not consider myself a good writer. I do not have the grammar usage I would like to have when writing my papers. If I got to write on a subject of my interested I would enjoy writing more often.